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Below are some of the cinema rooms we have installed. These are not pre-designed, all-inclusive packages. They are simply examples of possible system designs for you to get an idea of what you can expect in various price ranges and to show you some of your options. Your personal cinema room will be designed to fit your needs and budget and will be completely custom and unique. We just named them for fun!

Custom Home Theater System TV Installation Hendersonville Tennessee

Game Time!

This customer wanted a Real Home Theater, but didn't want to break the bank. The result was a custom installed system that incorporated a Hi-Def projector, 5.1 surround sound, Blu-Ray Player, HD cable box, XBOX 360, and a one touch remote.

This system is perfect for watching movies, playing games, and inviting friends over for the big race, all on a 120” screen. With the price around $5000 including equipment and installation, this customer was very satisfied.

This home theater TV installation is located in Hendersonville Tennessee.

Home Theater System TV Installation Murfreesboro Tennessee Home Theater System TV Installation Murfreesboro Tennessee Home Theater System TV Installation Murfreesboro Tennessee

Up the Ante:

Attention sports fans! What do you do, when you want to be able to watch THREE different sporting events all in HD. Here is the answer. Build a 2000 sq/ft addition and call us.

This customer wanted a large screen to watch movies on, but also wanted to be able to turn on the lights and have a few 50” plasmas above it when he hosted poker night. The end result was a customer friendly install that allowed him to watch three different HD programs at the same time while still being easy to use (9 remotes were combined into one).

This home theater system incorporated 3 Hi-Def Cable boxes, a 1080p projector, Blu-Ray player, XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, along with remote controlled lighting and a 1525 watt 5.1 THX certified surround sound package with a total of 18 speakers. The end result was magazine worthy, along with a very satisfied customer.

This home theater TV installation is located in Murfreesboro Tennessee.

Home Theater TV Installation Franklin Tennessee

Smokie's Crib

Resting aside a mountain in Gatlinburg Tennessee, 4 hours east of Nashville, this customer wanted a home theater room that went with the theme of his chalet. We started with a 1080p LCD projector and 120” screen. This customer was also very interested in surround sound volume as well as quality. Overall we went with a 6.2 configuration that employed TWO 650 watt 12” subs. We rounded it off with a Blu-Ray player, HD cable, and a RF based one-touch remote that allowed us to put his equipment behind him. The end result was a home theater room that was as stunning as his front porch view. Price was around $12,000 installed.

Custom Home Theater System TV Installation Gallatin Tennessee Custom Home Theater System TV Installation Gallatin Tennessee

"deja vu"

Looking for something to set his houses apart from the rest, this customer located in Gallatin, TN, who is also a contractor, contacted us for help building a home theater. His homes let us dedicate an entire room to the home theater system. You'll notice one of his rooms is on our front page! The picture above is from another house he had us design. There are subtle differences between the two, but they are accurate representations of what we can accomplish given space and budget. Starting with a HD projector, and Blu-Ray DVD player these rooms both employ 135” inch screens, and full 7.1 surround sound systems.

Although similar, they both have unique features. Room 1: Located lakeside in the Fairview subdivision of Gallatin, TN. This room makes use of a false wall that let us hide the screen casing between it and the real exterior wall. When raised the screen area reveals a window that overlooks the lake. Room 2: Also located lakeside in Gallatin, TN this room allowed us to hide the equipment behind a false panel that is blended with the room décor.

This home theater TV installation is located in Gallatin Tennessee.

Home Theater TV Installation Gallatin Tennessee

Covert Operation

Crowning a recent addition to this home in Gallatin, TN, this customer wanted to have all of the impact of a Real Home Theater, but didn't want to see any equipment. We started with a false wall that was covered by acoustically transparent material. This allowed us to install all of the front speakers, sub, and Audio/ Video equipment out of sight, while letting all of the sound pass through. The pictures show the wall with the back light on as well as with it off. Again we used a one- touch remote with an RF interface. A 1080p projector, 106” screen, and Blu-Ray player with a truly custom installation gave this customer an amazing end result. Price was around $13,ooo installed.

This home theater TV installation is located in Gallatin Tennessee.

Home Theater TV Installation Brentwood Tennessee

Two Towers

Wanting a high end home theater media room for his bonus room, but also wanting his equipment hidden, and his speakers to blend in, this customer contacted us. We met his needs with the installation of a 1080p LCD projector, and a 120” screen for his video. For his surround sound audio, we went with a micro 5.1 surround sound package that blended in with his décor. We were also able to hide all of the equipment in his closet to keep it out of the way. Along with the installation of the electronics, a curtain package was custom made for the screen wall as well as the room's window. Equipment was rounded off with a Blu-Ray DVD, an HD cable box, and a one-touch remote that also controlled his lighting. This customer was satisfied enough that he called us out at a later date to do some work in his bedroom with the installation of a plasma TV.

This Home Theater System installation is located in Brentwood Tennessee.

Custom Home Theater System TV Installation Murfreesboro Tennessee

In My +Sights+

Contacted by a local police officer, we were instructed to provide a Real Home Theater system in an unused bonus room. He liked the window at the end, and didn't want to cover it up with a screen. The result was an electric screen that retracted into a build-out that was located over his window. Along with the system, we installed a 5.1 surround sound system with in-ceiling speakers for the back and floor standing speakers for the front, a one-touch remote, HD cable box and a Sony PS3. Voila another happy customer.

This Custom Home Theater System TV Installation is Located in Murfreesboro, TN

Custom Home Theater System TV Installation Franklin Tennessee

EveryBody Loves Parfaits!

Another example of maximizing picture, and sound in a package that blends into the room is. This customer wanted their flat panel TV along with a full surround sound package installed, but they didn't want to see any equipment. We were able to blend the front sound image with the TV, we were also able to hide the equipment in the kitchen cabinets. An HD cable box, and DVD, along with a one-touch remote completed the system. This customer was so impressed, we were invited back to mount their bedroom TV and hide the HD cable box in the closet. Two very custom home theater system tv installations make one very happy customer.

This custom tv installation is located in Franklin, TN.

Home Theater and TV Installation Brentwood Tennessee


This Home Theater room located in Brentwood, TN is another example of an installation where the customer wanted the impact of a Hi-Def 120” screen, and surround sound, but didn't want to see any equipment. We started by installing a 5.1 sound system with in-ceiling surround sound speakers, and a 1080p LCD projector. We then were able to hide all of the Audio / Video equipment in a closet that was near by. This system also consisted of a Blu-Ray player, HD cable box, and a game system. Another satisfied customer. Total Price Under $10,000 Installed

This home theater TV installation is located in Brentwood Tennessee.

Home Theater TV Installation Murfreesboro Tennessee


THE BELVEDERE This custom home theater cinema room is located in Bristol, TN 5-hours east of Nashville Tennessee. This type system is the perfect option for those customers who have a large room to dedicate to a full scale home theater. It delivers a comfortable entertainment area for gaming and movies with a wide variety of seating options based on your needs, with a maximum screen size of 120+ inches. Prices are based on options! This is the ultimate Home Theater experience, you'll never stand in line for popcorn again. This style of home theater system can include BluRay DVD players, media servers, remote lighting, custom trim, custom stadium seating, star ceilings and more. See the before and after pictures below: 100% of the work was completed by the Real Home Theaters crew, including, the paint, trim, carpet, curtains, seat riser, sound treatments, remote wall sconce lighting and star panel on the ceiling.

Room Size: 18' wide, 26' deep, 8' ceiling Screen: Fixed Frame 16:9 Screen 120" Diagonal Projector: LCD 16:9 1080p, 10000:1 Contrast Ratio, 1100 Lumens Surround Sound System 3000 Watts Total Front Tower Speakers: Dual 8" Tower(2) Center Channel Speaker: Dual 8" Cabinet (1) Subwoofers: 650watt 12" (2) Surround Sound Speakers: Dual 8" TriPole (2) THX 7.1 Channel DTS A/V Receiver

This home theater TV installation is located in Bristol Tennessee.

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