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Total Control TRC-820 Wi-Fi Handheld Remote

High-performance handheld remote provides single-room control of entertainment and smart home devices - TV, A/V components, cable and satellite boxes, music systems, lighting, thermostats and more. This premium remote delivers two-way control of Total Control and compatible third-party products.


  • Programmable Wi-Fi handheld remote for single-room control
  • Vivid 2" color LCD screen 
  • Ergonomic design, hard button keypad, intuitive button layout 
  • Rechargeable battery, on-screen power indicator
  • Pick-up sensor, Quick-Connect Wi-Fi
  • Custom on-screen menus, Favorite Channels, Shortcuts
  • Total Control advanced system controller required
  • Professional programming required



Favorite Channels: Save up to 128 cable/satellite channels, view live programming information 
Shortcuts: Save up to six activities per room
Pick-Up Sensor: Wakes up when lifted, preserves battery charge 
Quick-Connect Wi-Fi: Connects to Wi-Fi network when lifted, preserves battery charge 
Power Indicator: On-screen power indicator displays battery charge level

URC Total Control TRC-820 Wifi Color LCD Screen Remote

SKU: TRC-820

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