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The MRX-5 is a high-performance network controller. It is an excellent choice for up to 4 rooms in both residential and commercial systems. The MRX-5 combines the best of Total Control Accelerator 3 Expressway with the power of a smart sized processor and works with a family of URC user interfaces.


  • An excellent system controller for up to 4 rooms
  • Primary processor for IP, IR and RS-232
  • Program using Total Control Accelerator 3 to control compatible, third-party devices
  • Stores and executes simple control and automation commands
  • Capable of off-site programming and off-site control
  • Integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control
  • Features Total Control front panel with LED lighting
  • Easy hideaway with wall mounting


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URC Total Control MRX-5 Network System Controller Essential Base Station

    • Total Control Lite - Overview
    • Total Control Lite - Features & Benefits
    • Total Control Lite - Integrations
    • URC Total Control 2.0 Demo (Android)
    • URC Total Control 2.0 Demo (IOS)

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