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Home Theater System Design and Installation Service Brentwood, TN

For most people the design and installation of a home theater system is more than a DIY project. With so many home theater products on the market from projectors and screens to audio video receivers and speakers, how do you choose? Many DIY home theater systems are done improperly, simply because the homeowner selected products based on their marketing or price instead of quality and performance. Call a professional with hands on experience with almost every home theatre product on the market to guide you to the products and accessories that fit your needs. United Audio Video Systems has designed and installed over 1000+ Home Theater Systems and has been entrusted with projects exceeding $250k+. We take pride in the level of service we provide. Rest assured we will exceed your expectations and treat you and your home like one of our own!

Below are example of just a few of the home theater rooms we have built over the years to give you ideas and inspiration for your home theater project.

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Classic Home Theater

The home theater system pictured above is a perfect example of a classic home theater room. The client and our staff love the ambiance of this room due to it’s simplicity and nostalgic feel. The client located in Brentwood, TN had an unfinished bonus room and contracted us to design and build a room from the ground up. They wanted it to include two rows of seating that all recline, a Hi-Def projector and a 10-foot wide 133” fixed frame projection screen. We pair all that with a 7.1 surround sound system, custom automated lighting and a popcorn machine to bring together an end result that was not only high performance and easy to use but also beautiful, comfortable and within budget. This room will go down in history as one of our all time favorite home theater systems!

4K UHD Home Theater Projector & 160" Acoustically Transparent Screen Brentwood,TN

One Of Our Latest Home Theater Room Projects

4K UHD Home Theater Projector & Screen Brentwood,TN

The crown jewel of this large home system would have to be the theater room. At 30’x20’ that’s 600 sq.ft. of theater. Three rows of 4 recliners with cup holders and individual arm tables and a 5 stool bar gives seating for 17 people! The 160” acoustically transparent screen is large enough that even the back row feels like they are in the movie not just watching it. Behind the screen are the front three speakers so the sound is literally coming from the screen not just around it for an immersive experience. The audio system is a 7.2.2 Dolby Atmos surround sound system, meaning is has traditional 7.1 surround sound and speakers in the ceiling to give the sound “height”, plus two massive 12” subwoofers. “Alexa, Turn on Blu-Ray in the Theater” “Alexa, Dim the Theater Cans to Twenty Percent”

New JVC DLA-NX7 and DLA-NX5 Native 4K UHD Home Theater Projectors

The image comes from a JVC Native 4K Home Theater Projector paired with a Sony Ultra HD 4K Blu-Ray Player, along with cable tv service. The core of the system is the top of the line Sony ES Audio Video Receiver for video switching and amplification. All for the equipment is hidden away in one of the equipment racks in a nearby closet to keep the aesthetics nice and tidy. The whole system can be controlled by voice with Alexa and we custom-built acoustic wall panels for sound treatment and decor as well. AMC and Regal Cinemas have nothing on us!

Home Theater Seating Decor and Acoustic Treatments Brentwood Franklin,TN

Home Theater Decor & Trim - Middle Tennessee

We can custom build ANYTHING you need!

Home Theater Decor & Trim - Middle Tennessee

We offer a more complete home theater solution than anyone else in Middle Tennessee. Offering truly turnkey cinema rooms is our specialty! With in-house trim carpenters, cabinet builders, painters, partnerships with reputable local providers and more, we have the ability to be the only company you need to complete almost any home technology project you can imagine.

We have All of your Home Technolgy Needs Covered!

From designing and installing a home theater system... To automating lighting, climate & More... We can provide it all! The room pictured above was nothing more than four plain walls before we arrived. We designed and built this custom home cinema from the ground up... Tons of custom trim work and decor, including acoustic wall panels, columns, crown molding with recessed RBG LED lighting, a raised seat riser for the second row of seating and even a custom built bar with a granite top! All provided by us as a turnkey solution! The client never had to deal with anyone other than our installation team. We also installed several on-wall TV's, speakers throughout the house for whole house music and automated lights and thermostats. Control all this from your smartphone! Now, thats a smart home!

4K Home Theater - Franklin, TN

Epson LS10000 4K UHD Laser Home Theater Projector!

4K Home Theater - Franklin, TN

Perfect picture and exquisite sound, this high-end home theater system was the perfect use for this Franklin, TN clients bonus room. An Epson LS10000 4K Laser Projector casting its image onto a 110” fixed frame projection screen, married with 1500 watts of 5.2 surround sound make for an immersive experience… The tower speakers and dual subwoofers along with the rustic decor make for a warm and inviting space. The control system and automated lighting make the system extremely easy to use, while giving the homeowner almost limitless possibilities to expand the control system to fully automate their home in the future. With daily use of this home theater system, this was money well spent!

Do more with Home Automation!

The abilities of the home automation system that control this theater room are almost limitless! Some examples: Not happy with the temp? Use your remote or smartphone to control any thermostats throughout the home. Speakers can be discreetly placed through the home. Everyone can listen to their own music selection in their own space. Someone's at the door. The music throughout the house briefly pauses to play a musical chime over the whole house audio system. Then! press a button on your phone to talk to them. They can even talk back. You can even see them from one of your surveillance cameras. These are just a few of the things a home automation system can do. For more information see our Home Automation Services of call for a Free In-Home Consultation.

Major League Home Theater - Brentwood, TN

Providing High Performance Home Theaters Without Overselling.

Home Theater System - Brentwood, TN

Purchasing a home that has, or has had a home theater system has it’s pros and cons.This client is the perfect example. The family purchase their new home in Brentwood ,TN for numerous reasons, one being, it had the perfect space for a home theater system. Unfortunately, like many homes like it, the previous owner took some important components with them when they moved.

The original system was a wall mounted TV with surround sound, but, the previous owner had kept the TV, center channel speaker and subwoofer and only left behind the front and rear speakers.

Like many of our clients they opted to get several estimates for building and installing their theater room. So, why did “we” get the job? We were the only company to take the time to remove the existing speakers to determine if they were of decent quality and attempt to integrate them into the new system. After removing and reinstalling the speakers we were able to find a matching center channel speaker and subwoofer allowing the client to save over $1000+ versus replacing the existing speakers as our competitors recommended. We also recommended a projector and screen combination that outperformed the competitors while coming in at a much lower price point. Also, due to there not being an HDMI cable or AC power outlet in the ceiling we provided those to.

Upon completion of the project the client stated the picture and sound exceeded their expectations! And when questioned about their reason for choosing us over the other two proposals they simply replied: “You were the most competent, most thorough and had the lowest price… It was a no brainer!”

Space Home Theater - Nashville, TN

Home Theaters in small spaces for everyday use.

Home Theater Room - Nashville, TN

This client was an avid movie buff and produced music videos in the country music business. Living in a one bedroom loft in Nashville, TN he assumed he didn’t have room for a home theater. United AVS gladly came to the rescue. He originally contacted us to wall mount a flat panel LED TV on the wall in the main living area of his 900 sq ft high rise condo. As we completed the installation of the TV he stated that his previous home had a home theater system and how much he would miss the high end systems he left behind. We planted the seed that he could still have the same performance and screen size in the space he had… within a month he contacted us again to get the project underway. The existing TV is still mounted on the wall behind the 100” electric drop down projection screen and is used daily to watch the news and other programs. When it’s movie time, he hits one of two buttons on his one touch control and can watch TV provided by Xfinity or a Hi-Def movie on Blu-Ray and numerous streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, and even Youtube via the same cable box and Smart Blu-Ray player he uses on the TV mounted behind the screen. We paired the TV and projection system with a top of the line audio video receiver and five audiophile grade back boxed in-wall speakers to provide the quality of audio someone in the music business would expect. The client was blown away with the quality of picture and sound and impressed by the fact that his audio video components take up very little space and are out of the way, hidden in his kitchen pantry. The client and United AVS are equally proud of this system!

We can make the most of your space...

Whether you are planning to remodel your home, finish your basement or simply convert a bonus room or spare bedroom into a home theater, we've most likely done it before... We have installed home theater systems in rooms as small as 10' by 10' and as large as 32' by 64'. If you're not sure if your room will accommodate a home theater system, let one of our professionals provide a free in-home consultation and show you all the potential your home has for a great home theater experience.

Turnkey Home Theater - College Grove, TN

Turn-Key Home Theater Systems Custom Built for You and Your Home!

Home Theater with custom built electric screen facade - College Grove, TN

This client in College Grove, TN wanted to convert his bonus room into a true home theater! One problem! The wall he wanted his screen on had a huge window right in the middle of it.

Our design team visited this client's home for a free in-home consultation, after a short conversation we had a plan to achieve his goals... We prepared a proposal and sent it over to him the next day. What made this project unique was the custom-built facade for the 110" electric screen. Our carpentry team was able to build a housing for the screen to retract into, allowing the customer to retain the window when the theater is not in use. The rest of the system was comprised of a Sony HD Projector, a substantial audio/video receiver, terrific sounding in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, DirectTV, a Blu-Ray player, Apple TV, an Xbox One and a remote to keep all of the components easy to use. The equipment is hidden away in a closet in the back of the room and the end result is very impressive to say the least. We're happy we could provide a turnkey solution that fit the client's needs and budget. Projects like this are why we love what we do!

We can complete your theater room with custom trim, cabinets, and decor... Thanks to our talented in-house trim carpenters!

High-Fidelity Home Theater - Mt. Juliet, TN

High Quality Home Theater Systems for the Audiophile or Videophile

Home Theater with Acoustically Transparent Screen and In Wall Speakers - Mt. Juliet, TN

This client located in Mt. Juliet, TN is a true audiophile! He has very High-End audio components in 3 rooms of his home including a bonus room above his garage, his office and this masterpiece of a Dedicated 2 Channel Listening Room / Home Theater.

It all started with an unfinished basement and a dream. The client wanted to expand his collection of High-Fidelity 2 channel audio components and also wanted a reference level Home Theater. The dream portion comes from the fact that blending the two together is no easy feat. The acoustics of a High-Fidelity 2 channel listening room leave little room for error if you want it done correctly. To achieve a proper soundstage an acoustically dead room is needed, meaning that you only hear the sound coming directly from the speaker at you ear and not frequencies that have been reflected or bounced off of other surfaces like walls, ceilings and the floor. This can only be achieved one way... Acoustic treatments. You can cheat with electronic processing but that's not how we roll. We were lucky enough to be starting with a blank pallet. By carefully designing the room with unbalanced dimensions and a high ceiling we were able to achieve the desired acoustics with only 4 properly placed acoustic wall panels and 4 corner traps.

There are so many details to this room we could go on forever. If you have questions, we have answers. Just give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you with you next home theater project.


Products In-Stock and Ready for Delivery! We utilize two local warehouses and numerous regional distributors with products in-stock to serve you! We have access to virtually every home theater product on the planet. Rest assured we provide superior home theater products at competitive prices...

In My +Sights+ Home Theater - Murfreesboro, TN

We Stand Behind Our Patriots!

Home Theater with Electric Screen - Murfreesboro, TN

Contacted by a local police officer in Murfreesboro, TN, we were asked to provide a Real Home Theater system in an unused bonus room above his garage. However, he liked the window that overlooked his driveway, and didn't want to cover it permanently with a screen. We custom built a facade to hide the case of an electric screen that retracted to uncover the window when the screen wasn't in use. A 5.1 surround sound system with in-ceiling speakers for the back and floor standing speakers up front provided the sound, while a one-touch harmony remote kept the system user friendly and easy to use. His friends started arriving to play the Sony Playstation before we had even completed the installation. Voila another happy customer.

Ask about Our Military and Law Enforcement Discounts!

It takes courage and bravery to serve our country. As a way of showing our support and appreciation to the men and women who serve, we offer special discounts to former and active duty Military and Law Enforcement Personnel. Call for details:

Home Theater Room Remodel - Hendersonville, TN

Undergoing a remodel? Now's the perfect time to incorporate a home theater system!

Home Theater Room Remodel - Hendersonville, TN

This client located in Hendersonville, TN had us build a home theater room in their home about 4 years ago. Over the four years they found themselves using the room so often, they decided to make the room larger and add a second row of seating. Hiring a contractor to knock out an exterior wall and build a raised floor for the second row of seats, they had us come in to remove the equipment during demolition and then come back to reinstall it after construction was complete. Their kids missed the room so much during the construction that we literally had a line formed at the door of the kids and several of their friends waiting for us to put the finishing touches on the system. Now that the room has almost doubled in size they have a much more comfortable experience and can accommodate more friends. They still love the system and use it daily.

Remodeling or finishing an unfinished basement or bonus room? Plan your Home Theater System Now!

During new construction, a remodel or while finishing unfinished space of your home it an ideal time to design, plan and install a home theater system. Any time you have plans that will require drywall or paint work, electrical improvements or are making additions to your home is the perfect time to to call to schedule a consultation. We can save you both time and money by working with other contractors and offer more options while there is other work being done.

Call today to get started on your new home improvement project.

Deja Vu Home Theater - Gallatin, TN

New construction Home Theater Planning.

Home Theater Projector and Screen - Gallatin, TN

This custom home builder located in Gallatin, TN was looking for something to set his houses apart from the rest. So he contacted us to build a home theater room into a custom new construction home he was getting ready to place on the market. His homes had a dedicated room for the home theater system. The picture above is just one house he had us design and install a system for, we have done numerous rooms for his homes over the years. There are subtle differences between the rooms we have built him, but they are all very similar, simply because he loved the first one so much. Including a HD home theater projector, Blu-Ray player and 135” inch screen, with 7.1 surround sound. We designed a false wall that let us hide the electric screen casing between it and the exterior wall so that when the screen is raised it reveals a window that overlooks the lake. He has stated that the rooms we have designed and built are among the top selling features of his homes.

Building a new home? Make a Media or Home Theater Room part of the plan! Pre-Wire NOW!

During construction of a new home is the optimum time to plan a media room, home theater room or any home technology for that matter... Giving you the ability to pre-wire your home for all your future home technology needs and wants will open up possibilities that may otherwise not be possible after the home is completed of end up costing more in labor to retrofit after the fact. Call us during construction and allow us to give your home the potential for future upgrades including entertainment systems and home automation. You'll be glad you did.

Up the Ante Home Theater - Smyrna, TN

Private Sports Bar Anyone?

Home Theater with Projector and Two Flat Panel TVs - Smyrna, TN

Attention sports fans! Want to be able to watch THREE different sporting events all in HD. Here's how! Build a 2000 sq/ft addition and call us. This client located in Smyrna, TN wanted a large screen to watch movies on, but also wanted to be able to have a few large flat panel tvs above it to watch other events when he hosted poker night. The end result was a customer friendly installation that allowed him to watch three different programs at the same time while still being easy to use (9 remotes were combined into one).This home theater system incorporated 3 Hi-Def Cable boxes, a 1080p projector, Blu-Ray player, XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, along with automated lighting and a 5.1 THX certified surround sound package with a total of 18 speakers. The end result was magazine worthy. Another very satisfied customer!

Complicated system control with a single button press!

Our clients enjoy high technology without the headaches of complex control systems. We design every system around the way our clients use them. They are fully automated and perform complicated functions with the press of a single button.

Blending In Home Theater - Lebanon, TN

We do custom work to achieve the aesthetics you desire!

Custom Built Home Cinema Room - Lebanon, TN

This client located in Lebanon, TN wanted a home theater with the largest screen they could get, but didn't want to lose the use of the large window in the room. They also didn't want a huge projector screen on the wall when the home theater wasn't in use. The room had two beautiful rough sawn cedar beam trusses adorning the 20 ft vaulted ceiling. We proposed using an electric film screen that would lower over the window when the projector is on, allowing our in-house carpenter to build a screen casing to enclose the screen housing. The client LOVED the idea. The end result turned out beautifully. We built in two dimmable downlights to accent the high-end back boxed in-wall speakers and then placed the center channel speaker into the custom built screen housing. The 1080p projector is mounted to the second truss back from the screen and blends in perfectly. The system is tied together with remote that controls all the audio / video components and three separate automated light dimmers.

This client also had us install several other TVs throughout the house including: A 60" Wall Mounted LED TV in the living room complete with 5.1 surround sound and a one touch remote to make it easy to use. A 50" Wall Mounted LCD TV over the fireplace in the master bedroom with the cable box hidden in the dresser across the room controlled by an IR repeater system so that all they need to us it is their comcast remote. And a 40" LED TV wall mounted to brick on the covered screened in back patio with the cable box hidden behind the TV. The client is 100% satisfied and has sent us numerous referrals since we completed the job.

We offer custom cabinet and millwork. Including in wall component cabinets and screen facades.

We employ cabinet builders and trim carpenters to provide the finishing touches and aesthetics you desire. We have built 100's of custom cabinets into walls to house audio video equipment as well as custom screen facades to hide unattractive electric screen cases. We also offer custom built seat risers for adding an elevated second row of seating. Call today and let us build the home theater room of your dreams!

Acoustically Transparent Home Theater - La Vergne, TN

Acoustically Transparent Screen Walls let you hide every... Including Speakers!

Home Theater Hidden Speakers - La Vergne, TN

Crowning a recent addition to this home in La Vergne, TN, this customer wanted to have all of the impact of a Real Home Theater, but didn't want to see any equipment. We started with a false wall that was covered by acoustically transparent material along with an acoustically transparent screen. This allowed us to install all of the front speakers, sub, and Audio/ Video equipment out of sight, while letting all of the sound pass through. Again we used a one- touch remote to make this system as easy as one button operation. A 1080p projector, 106” acoustically transparent screen, and Blu-Ray player with a truly custom installation gave this customer an amazing end result. All while remaining within the client's desired budget.

Projectors and Screens In Stock and Ready for installation.

We offer all the popular models of home theater projectors and screens by the top brands at competitive prices. As well as all major manufactures of audio video receivers, speakers and home theater accessories to make dealing with with United Audio Video Systems an easy turn key experience. Call today and let our superior selection work for you.

Home Theater Design and Setup - Spring Hill, TN

Design and Setup your Home Theater System Today.

Home Theater Design and Setup - Spring Hill, TN

Here's another example of why to call a professional when planning a home cinema room... This client located in Spring Hill, TN was under contract on a new construction home with a local builder. The builder promised to construct a home theater room as part of the plan, including custom wood trim, vaulted ceilings and top quality construction. The room was beautiful. One huge problem! The builder had the electrician prewire the room for cable, and surround sound. So? What's The Problem? Nobody remembered to wire for the projector! There were speaker wires and coax cable runs to a cabinet at the bar in the back of the room. the speaker wire was decent quality and was going to decent but not perfect locations for the speakers. But there was no HDMI or power in the ceiling for the projector. If there had been attic space above the room this issue could be easily remedied, however, this room was on the basement level of the home with the dining room right above it. The client call United AVS to the rescue and with some moderate drywall and paint work we had a functional home theater room. The client is happy they called us... They just wish they had done it sooner.

We will work with your builder and contractors to help things go smooth.

Call early in your building or remodeling project. Our consultation and support services are free when you buy a turnkey home theater system from United Audio Video Systems.

Everyday Use Home Theater - Clarksville, TN

Home theaters aren't just for movies. We build systems for everyday use.

Home Theater System Installation - Clarksville, TN

Press "Watch TV" on your remote and tune in to the news, sports, your favorite TV episode and more. Many people think of a home theater as a space that is only used for movies. We have tons of clients that use their projector and screen daily and rarely turn on another tv in the house. As long as the space is planned out properly these rooms are perfect for daily tv viewing. Pictured above is an example in Clarksville, TN. This client wanted their bonus room to be the daily use area for tv watching so their living room could remain formal without a tv. We chose a bright projector to overcome leaving the lights on, hide the speakers behind an acoustically transparent screen and tucked the audio video components away in a nearby closet. Mission accomplished! Another happy client!

We can make the most of any space big or small.

Call today to schedule a consultation!

Have Home Theater - Will Travel

We will travel to your location.

Home Theater System Design and Installation Tennessee and Beyond

We have had numerous clients outside our normal service area. We have completed installations in Gatlinburg, Sevierville, Kingsport, Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis Tennessee. We have traveled even farther for previous clients including: Deep Creek Lake Maryland, Fishkill New York, Phoenix Arizona, Atlanta Georgia, Bowling Green Louisville and Lexington Kentucky, Panama City and Orlando Florida, Dallas Texas, San Diego and San Francisco California. We can't make these exceptions for every job, but if you are interested in having us complete a project outside of our normal service area please feel free to give us a call to discuss.

We take great pride in our work!

Call United AVS for all your home technology needs! We have all the bases covered...

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