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Smart Home Automation with Amazon Alexa Voice Control System Brentwood, TN

Total Smart Home Automation with Voice Control

(Update) The system outlined below has had several upgrades over the past few years. Most Notably the addition of Voice Control using Amazon Alexa Voice Assistances. Allowing the client to speak simple voice commands to control scenes for lighting, climate, music and audio-video control. Speaking simple commands like “ Alexa turn on my music in the kitchen.” plays your favorite tunes or “Alexa turn on entertain” sets up a pre-programmed lighting scene to create the mood and ambiance desired for having guests for dinner. They can even control individual lights via voice. “Alexa dim the theater lights to 20%” and the lights dim so you are ready for watching a movie. Feeling too warm or too cold? “Alexa set the temp in the master bedroom to 73 degrees” All of this can be done right from your seat without picking up a remote, smartphone or any other device. Now that’s a truly “Smart Home”!

Control Home Entertainment Devices and More

Eight Video Displays Throughout the Home.

Home Automation System Project Brentwood, TN

This client located in Governors Club in Brentwood, TN went all out. Even though all the components of this home automation system are hidden out of sight, almost every piece of electronic equipment in this luxury home is controllable via an iPad or iPhone and Voice.

The home is outfitted with 8 video displays. A 60" LED TV mounted above the fireplace in the living room, and another over the fireplace in the billiard room downstairs, both accompanied by high-end sound bars. Three 48" LED TVs in the sitting room, the master bedroom and even out on the back patio. Then you have the Home Theater... A front projection system with a 1080p HD projector, a 120" screen and 7.1 surround sound with hidden in-wall speakers. All controlled with the home control system. Can we say Super Bowl Party?

When we say automated we mean AUTOMATED... For example, say the client is having a dinner party? With the press of one button labeled "Entertain" on one of the three iPads, two iPhones, five hand-held remotes or a 7" color wall mounted touchscreen within this 8000 sq. ft. home or simply by saying "Alexa Entertain": The lights in every room set to a predetermined level and classical music starts to play on 24 in-ceiling speakers in 12 rooms throughout the house. Not in the mood for classical music? Tell Alexa to change the genre to Jazz or Country or 60's or alternative or Seasonal.. Well You get the picture!

Did we say ALL the lights? Yes we did! A total of over 600 LED light bulbs controlled via 96 light control dimmers. From the bathrooms to the wine cellar and even the outdoor landscape lighting, they all can be controlled individually or in pre-set groups call scenes. Set the mood or go to bed... "Goodnight" and all the lights go off, and nightlights and path lights come on.

A Home Automation has Limitless Possibilities!

The abilities of this home automation system are almost limitless! Here are a few examples: Not happy with the temp? Tell Alexa to control any of 4 thermostats to adjust the temp. Someones at the door. The music throughout the house briefly pauses to play a musical chime over the whole house audio system. Then! press a button on your phone and talk to them. They can even talk back to you. You can even see them from one of three surveillance cameras. Music for all. A total of 24 speakers are discreetly placed through the home. Powered by 6 amplifiers and connected to 4 independent sources. Everyone can listen to their own selection in their own space.

Home Theater Control with a Home Automation System

Home Theater Automation

Home Theater Automation Brentwood, TN

United Audio Video Systems has designed and installed almost 1000 Home Theater Systems over the years and has been entrusted with projects exceeding $250k+. We take pride in the level of service we provide. Rest assured we will exceed your expectations and treat you and your home like one of our own!

Control the Projector, Audio & Lighting from Your Remote or Smartphone

The Theater Room in this luxury home automation system includes: An Epson 6030ub 1080p Projector, A 120" 16:9 Fixed Frame Film Screen, An Onkyo TX-RZ900 Audio Video Receiver, Three Episode 900 Series In-Wall Speakers for the front (3) Channels, Four Episode 900 Series LCR In-wall speakers for the Surround and Surround Back Channels, Two Episode Triple 10 Sub-woofers, a Sony Blu-Ray Player, Xfinity Cable Box, Dimmable Automated Lighting and is all controllable via iPad / iPhone or a convenient easy to use hand-held remote.

The image and audio are fine tuned to provide immersive, clean, clear picture and sound. We are as impressed with the performance and clarity of this theater room as the client is. This comfortable space is a dream come true for movie lovers and sports fans alike.

Control TVs Cable Boxes Blu ray Players and More

Cable Box and Blu-Ray Hidden In Cabinet

Home Automation System Design and Installation Franklin, TN

Hidden Audio Video Equipment is one of our specialties... If you want your A/V components hidden out of sight. We have a solution!

Hide your Components and Equipment Out of Sight

A 65" 1080p Smart TV with a high-end sound bar and subwoofer are a great compliment to this billiard room. The Cable box and Blu-Ray player are hidden inside the cabinets to the left of the fireplace and there are a total of (6) in-ceiling speakers that provide whole house audio to this area of the home. All the entertainment components, lighting, climate and security are controlled by an iPad and are easy to use.

If you like to entertain guests. Our systems can make you one of the best hosts in town.

Easy Audio Video Control via Your Smartphone or Tablet

Controlled from your iPhone!

Smart Home Automation Franklin, TN

We take a lot of pride in our work! Notice the symmetry and balance of this Over Fireplace TV and Sound Bar Installation... We take our time and make every installation look professional. Because we are professionals!

Smart TV Over Fireplace / Sound Bar with Subwoofer / Controlled via iPad

We can provide control from Apple iDevices including iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone 4 / 5 / 6, and more. Plus almost any Android device including tablets and phones from manufacturers including Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG and others. .

In addition to smart devices we offer numerous other control devices including handheld remotes, on wall touch screens and more.

Automation with Form and Function

Simple by design!

Home Automation Nashville, TN

We make Home Technology easy to use. Do you want to watch TV? Simply press "Watch TV" on your phone, tablet or a familiar hand held remote.

On Wall mounted Smart TV / In-ceiling speakers / Cable box and Blu-Ray hidden in cabinets

No matter how many devices you want to control in your home automation system, we can provide an easy to use solution.

Control one device or an entire home. No job is to big or small.

Control Outdoor Entertainment Systems

Control your home from the patio!

Smart Home Automation Gallatin, TN

Outdoor entertainment is another of our specialties. From a TV and Audio on the patio to an outdoor theater. We have solutions for all of your outdoor entertainment needs.

Outdoor Smart TV and Cable / Outdoor Speakers / Landscape Lighting / Security Cameras

A TV on the patio or speakers by the pool? We can design an outdoor entertainment system to fit your needs.

We have designed and built several outdoor home theater systems comprised of numerous TVs, projectors, speakers and landscape lighting control. Dream big and let us design a system that exceeds your expectations. .

Easy Control for Everyday Use

Luxury becomes a way of life!

Home Automation System Mt Juliet, TN

We build automation systems you can't live without... Or at least you won't want too. We keep them easy to use and capable of making complicated systems simple. One button press and you have just controlled a system that would typically require 4 to 5 remotes with a single button press.

Complicated system control with a single button press!

Our clients enjoy high technology without the headaches of complex control systems.

We design every home automation system around the way our clients will use them. They are fully automated and perform complicated functions with the press of a single button.

Smarter than your average Home...

Fully scalable and upgradeable!

Smart Home Murfreesboro, TN

We have home automation systems controlling over 700 devices and still have room to grow. Add door locks, lights, HVAC and more NOW or later... Our Systems can handle it.

Control Lighting, HVAC, Security Cameras Door Locks Multi Room Audio & More

Every System we design is fully scalable and upgradeable. Add more components and control now or in the future. Our systems can handle it.

Lighting, Climate (HVAC), Whole House Audio, Door Locks, and more... Add it when you're ready.

Lighting Control Made Easy

Every light in the house is on... Turn them OFF. From your Phone!

Home Automation Lighting Smyrna, TN

We have installed light control systems that control EVERY light in a homes over 10,000 sq.ft. Over 100 light controls controlling over 1000 bulbs. What makes this so great you ask? You can turn them ON, OFF or DIM all of them right from your phone!

Control Every Light in your home with your Voice

With the addition of Amazon Alexa Voice Assistance or Google Home Hubs all of the lighting in your smart home can be controlled by voice with a home automation system.

Control lighting, music, door locks, TVs, climate and more all with your voice. We design your automation system around the way you live.

Set the mood with Whole House Audio

Ready to entertain. With the press of a button.

Smart Home with Automated Lighting and Climate Control La Vergne, TN

Press "ENTERTAIN" on an iPad and the lights set the mood, audio starts to play in every room of the house, the theater room starts playing tonights ball game and the HVAC sets to the right temperature. Now all you have to do is prepare the food!

Automated Lighting, Climate, Door Locks and More

You make all the decisions. Our systems are totally customizable to fit your needs. We create single button commands called "Scenes" to automate all the systems in your home to operate together as one. .

Scenes are events that happen in daily life. Leaving home, getting home from work, the kids getting home from school, friends coming over to watch the game or going to bed. We program each automation system to adjust your home for the events that happen in everyday life. No more running around looking for remotes, turning on and off lights, locking and unlocking doors. Pick a Scene and press a button... you're ready for life's events.

Climate and Music Control

Comfortable Entertainment

Smart Home Multi Room Whole House Audio Lebanon, TN

If you can con control it. So can we! We have yet to come across a system or technology that we can't automate. Dream big, and leave the hard part to us.

Climate, Lighting, Entertainment, Music, Entry Systems, Security and Even Your Pool , Spa and Garage Doors

Save time and money with automated lighting! With a home automation system, unused lights don't have to stay on all day. Do you have small children that leave lights on in closets, bathrooms and hallways. Event timers can monitor these lights and turn them off on a schedule.

Automated climate control saves money too. Our thermostats are smart. They learn your habits and maintain temps more efficiently by learning the "rebound time" of your homes hvac system.

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Award Winning Smart Home Automation System Design and Installation Brentwood Franklin Tennessee

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Smart Home Automation Systems With VOICE CONTROL!

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With the components of this home automation system hidden out of sight simple tell your home what to do and never pick up a remote!...